Our passion is to tell your wedding and make it eternal, through the art of photography. After listening to your needs and desires, we will return them to you in something that takes your breath away, surprising you.

separatore Marco Ficili Wedding Photographer About


We will take care of your dreams until they come true.

There is no event better than a wedding to enclose any type of emotion. Excitement, anxiety, relief, euphoria, happiness – all in one day!

After years and years spent working in this area, we can consider ourselves pioneers of the Wedding’s world. We will strive to help you find the right balance between the various moments that will occur during your day. A little help to make your perfect wedding easier (and stress-free).

At the end of the day, you will have the photos you want: those of the best day of your life!

Proposal & Engagement

Your story deserves to be told in a way that is real and profound.

You have found your soul mate and this must be immortalized through photography.

We want to capture the moment when you ask one of the most important questions of your life-time: will you marry me? Your Wedding Proposal will be magical and unforgettable and we want to give it back to you in a picture that you will always treasure.
This incredible connection can stay with you forever and can be something more.

What can do it better than an Engagement photo session?
Romantic, funny, crazy, this time together can be all you want and even more! All you have to do is just be yourself, we will work to make you feel comfortable.

We are sure that this experience will remain in your hearts for a very long time and in the end you will have the portraits you have always wanted. 
A beautiful memory of that perfect moment, dedicated only to you.

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We love to capture the spontaneity of the moments that follow, and you will be the protagonists.

separatore Marco Ficili Wedding Photographer About

Marco Ficili

A continuous surprise and a great emotion, so I can summarize my passion!
I love real photography, one that can tell without cheating, returning the magic of a look or a poignant landscape.

Despite the many years and different experiences, photography always manages to surprise me.
I specialize in wedding photojournalism and family portraits.
I love to get in touch with the people I portray and establish, with them, an emotional contact that allows me to discover their beauty, passion and hidden feelings.
For me, this is the only way to create photos that talk about you, photos that you will love right away!

I was born in Modica in Sicily, a noble land, ancient and at times modern, full of history, traditions and even contradictions.
Its light, its shadows and the velvety caress of its sunsets, are always alive and present in my photographic works.
I worked and observed a lot, just so I had the opportunity to discover the different points of view, the lights and the magical atmosphere.

Those who choose my photo shoots do it because they love the spontaneous and evocative style.
I appreciate my customers because they know how to choose what really excites them and that makes me happy.
Love is a constant source of inspiration for me, human beings are not a static expression of themselves but are everything and the opposite of everything: cheerful, diverse, sweet, sarcastic, shy, bold, funny, melancholic and much more.
I love documenting all this!

Thanks to my work, I had the satisfaction of being quoted, awarded and published by WPJA “Wedding Photo Journalism Association”, by TAU VISUAL, by White Bride and Vogue Bride.

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Barbara Perotti

Photography is a choice for me, it means choosing love for my surroundings and translating it into images.
I love traveling and I have a special attraction for Scandinavian countries, I find them poignant and melancholy but at the same time full of life.
The light and the mood of the Scandinavian atmosphere unleash in me an irrepressible impulse to the shot and I no longer distinguish between portrait, landscape and street photography!

But what I really love doing is photographing people, people I meet on the street, perfect strangers or great friends.
It’s wonderful to get in touch with the smiles, the looks and all those little gestures that make us unique and unrepeatable.
From this to Photojournalism the jump was short and I found myself in the world of wedding photography, embracing the documentary style in one great love!
Capturing the moment to show joy, happiness and everything that happens on an incredible day like that, is what turns reality into pure magic.
When I photograph a couple in love I have the rare opportunity to create images where the emotion is clear and powerful.

I was born in Foggia, a small town in our beautiful Puglia but I lived, above all, between Rome and Catania. Perhaps, just changing cities often, gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of flexibility and how a change is above all an opportunity.

Over the years the specialized magazines of the world “Wedding”, such as White Bride and Vogue Bride, have published some of my photos.